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Kurt, good start; but, did you actually intend to only post pages nine through twelve of your Form 990?  Looking at those pages, your budget is so lean that I can't imagine any reason to not post the whole thing with just the personal data redacted.  It's sure not like that "other nonprofit" we know, where millions were misspent in only a few years.  In fact, after looking at your figures, I'd send you a larger donation.  Except, after dumping what was a backbreaking amount, at least for us, into campaign contributions this year, we're also running on fumes and still have the Georgia run-offs to go.

Well, Humphrey, the short story is that article wasn't supposed to show up. Last week we did some security updates, and there is some odd behavior we're still discovering. That said, the entire doc is now there.

And you're right, we're a very lean operation. That's why we're working so hard on this year-end NewsMatch campaign. The writers/photographers/volunteers we work with are great and understanding, but at the end of the day we really need to increase our revenues so we can increase the content we present every day of the year.

We're making progress, but we still have a ways to go. Every bit helps, folks! Please, help us grab that $11,500 match from the campaign and close in on our $35,000 goal. We're about $2,500 shy of the match, so please keep the Traveler in mind, especially on Giving Tuesday on December 1.

Who's the "other [wasteful] non-profit" so I don't waste money on them?

Think Yellowstone.  They have reorganized, so I hate to trash the new organization for the sins of the past one.

Brown Griz, I applaud your sentiment and hate to always be such a Debbie Downer; but, technically, it might be premature to absolve an organization of its past sins until there is clear evidence that it really is a "new organization" and not the same wolf in new clothing, no offense to wolves.  At this point, all we have is one new face, an organization that has gone silent, and a website that has been essentially frozen in place.  I'm still not seeing any financial data more recent than February of 2019, which means that the last busy summer season that they are reporting ended in October of 2018, over two years ago.  Let's not get everybody ramped up for the grand reopening celebration and awards ceremony just yet.

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