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“National Parks Traveler, an excellent website dedicated to everything and anything that has to do with America’s national parks”…

2015 George Wright Society Communications Award Winner

2017 George B. Hartzog, Jr. Award From The Coalition To Protect America's National Parks

2019 Stewart L. Udall Award from Western National Parks Association

National Parks Traveler is the world's top-rated, editorially independent, nonprofit media organization dedicated to covering national parks and protected areas on a daily basis. The Traveler's journalists work to inform the general public of environmental, scientific, and newsworthy developments surrounding, involving, and affecting these areas and their governing bodies.

The Traveler is not a static aggregation site built around park statistics and trail descriptions, and is not strictly a travelogue. Rather, it offers readers a unique multimedia blend of news, feature content, debate, and discussion all tied to national parks and protected areas.

The Traveler has drawn attention around the Internet:
  • The Traveler has been mentioned by the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Yahoo! Travel, the Daily Kos,, and
  • The Wall Street Journal Online noted that the Traveler offers “plenty of news and opinion on political developments affecting parks, and a good regional balance of parks in the Western and Eastern U.S."
  • finding Dulcinea, the “Librarian of the Internet,” pointed to the Traveler as “an ongoing blog of current events and issues in the national parks. ... National Parks Traveler often features stories written from an historical perspective in addition to discussion of the latest controversy.”