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Grand Teton National Park Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization that supports projects that protect and enhance Grand Teton National Park’s cultural, historic, and natural resources. 

By funding initiatives that go beyond what the National Park Service could accomplish on its own, Foundation donors improve the visitor experience and provide benefits to the national park system for decades to come.

 Visitor Experience Initiative

Grand Teton has seen a 21 percent increase in the number of visitors over the last six years. The Foundation aims to enhance experiences for the park’s millions of annual visitors by funding programs that increase safety, improve access, and create opportunities so people continue to enjoy their time spent in Grand Teton National Park.

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Hiking in Grand Teton National Park/Grand Teton National Park Foundation

Wildlife and Natural Resource Initiative

Grand Teton National Park is part of one of the largest intact temperate ecosystems in the world, requiring a robust and carefully targeted long-term conservation strategy. Foundation funding supports a variety of research projects and needs, including field staff, GPS tracking devices, and campaigns to promote safe visitor-wildlife interaction.

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Youth Engagement Initiative 

Foundation funding supports the future of our national parks through the hands of the next generation.  Our programs introduce Grand Teton to a young and diverse audience, offering education and employment to keep participants actively involved in the outdoors as they begin to make career decisions. More than 1,500 young people have participated in our youth programs to date.

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Cultural Resource Initiative

Foundation funds priority projects that reflect Grand Teton National Park’s history, foster connections to places, increase access to visitors, and tell stories of the park’s colorful past. Grand Teton Hammer Corps—a volunteer preservation crew—provides a formal and consistent avenue for returning volunteers and increased opportunities for service projects.

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Bear Box Campaign

When the park’s 1,000 frontcountry campsites are full during the summer, it’s more important than ever for visitors to securely store food and other bear attractants. By funding bear-resistant food storage lockers throughout park campgrounds, hundreds of Foundation friends have helped protect Grand Teton bears and visitors.

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 GTNPF Video Series

Want a behind-the-scenes look at our work in Grand Teton National Park? Check out our video series highlighting the programs we support that enhance and protect this special place, and learn more about youth engagement initiatives, Inspiring Journeys, wildlife research and protection, and more.

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