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Musical Kīlauea

If you’re interested in volcanoes, you need not go further than our national parks to get your fill. Did you know that 84 units of the National Park System have volcanic resources? These parks run the gamut of having very active volcanic features to those where volcanoes formed the landscape and contribute to the geodiversity of the park.

July 31st, 2022 - Read More
National Parks Traveler Episode 180: Homestead National Historical Park

Homestead National Historical Park near Beatrice, Nebraska, isn’t that big, just 211 acres, but as the saying goes it plays much, much bigger. Here you’ll find the National Museum on Homesteading, historic buildings including the Palmer-Epard log cabin that despite its small size – just 14 feet by 16 feet – was home to a family of 12, along with agricultural equipment, genealogy research opportunities, an education center, hiking trails through 100 acres of restored tallgrass prairie and a burr oak forest.

July 24th, 2022 - Read More
Fort Larned National Historic Site

The beauty of the National Park System is that there are more than 400 units that you can choose to visit, and each has a unique perspective showcasing the United States’ history, natural beauty, or cultural richness. 

July 17th, 2022 - Read More
Artist Nancy Hershberger discusses how she turns national park settings into artistic quilts.

Though Nancy Hershberger might be dismissed by "traditional" quilters, her patchwork designs capture a setting deserving a spot in an art gallery, or a wall in your home. True, her quilts won't cover your bed or keep you physically warm on a cold night. But they likely will bring a knowing smile to your face and possibly remind you of a place in time from your wanderings through the National Park System.

July 14th, 2022 - Read More
Exploring Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve
There are 423 units in the National Park System, but a surprising number of people focus on about two dozen parks. Last year, when roughly 300 million visited the park system, just 25 units – the Yellowstones, Grand Canyon’s, Zions, Cape Cods, Blue Ridge Parkways – got 50 percent of the traffic. There are so many overlooked units in the National Park System worthy of a visit. They might not be your final destination, but they’re certainly worth becoming a destination on your traveling itinerary.
July 10th, 2022 - Read More
Traveling the Oregon Trail Through Scotts Bluff National Monument
The Oregon Trail stretched roughly 2,170 miles from Missouri to Oregon’s Willamette Valley. It rambled across prairie, sagebrush desert and mountains. From the 1840s into the 1880s, hundreds of thousands of immigrants made the challenging journey, and not all survived. Today more than 120 historic sites, auto tour routes, and markers show us where the Oregon Trail traveled.
July 3rd, 2022 - Read More
Sea Kayaking On Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park
There really are few days that aren't great for paddling on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park, whether you're in a canoe or a sea kayak. During a short getaway in early June my wife and I did just that.
June 30th, 2022 - Read More
Exploring national parks in the heartland of America
There are many lessor known parks and historical sites in the National Park System that provide not just stunning landscapes but interesting glimpses into American history. This week, we catch up with Kurt Repanshek, the editor of the National Parks Traveler, during his exploration of these lessor known spots in the heartland of America, Nebraska and Kansas.
June 26th, 2022 - Read More

The Essential RVing Guide

The Essential RVing Guide To The National Parks

Exploring the National Park System by RV is one of the quintessential approaches to visiting national parks, monuments, national recreation areas, and other park system units that combined represent what Wallace Stegner defined as the best idea America ever had. To help RVers explore these lands and destinations, the National Parks Traveler editors and writers have sifted through the National Park System and come away with the definitive RVing guide to the parks. This Essential Guide To RVing In The National Park System presents RV enthusiasts with a rich collection of articles exploring the park system by RV, camper, or trailer that is supported by a directory packed with RVing specific details on more than 250 campgrounds in more than 70 parks.

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